Mad over Movies....

The Film Studio FZ-LLC ("The Film Studio" or "TFS") is a company incorporated under the laws of United Arab Emirates licensed by the Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone Authority(TECOM). The Film Studio is licensed to carry out all activities in the pre-production, production and post-production stages of Film & TV content. In short, The Film Studio carries forward concepts from their script to screen, end-to-end.

The Film Studio's sole objective stems out from the fact that children are our future and they need to be prepared to face the real world. Although, all parents and teachers are doing their job, we thought it prudent to offer some help in form of films. Films, that are inspirational, influencing and root our children in the real world instead of an imaginary one that doesn't exist. Films, those are devoid of mindless gunfights or forced sleaze. We call it "edutainment" – entertainment with (small) doses of education.

In order to achieve our objective, we have a formidable team of professionals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about filmmaking for children. Our team includes Producers, Directors, Screenwriters, Actors, Cinematographers, Editors, Website developers, and even Psychologists. Some of us belong to the filmmaking industry by experience and some of us by passion. All our different and diverse backgrounds make us a very interesting mix, working & inching towards a shared vision.

Yes, we are all about filmmaking and very passionate at that. But we also like to keep our feet on ground to remain pragmatic and avoid being carried away. We are not in the big-budget Hollywood/Bollywood league because our experiences have taught us to make a film with an ultralow-budget without compromising on its technical finesse or content quality. Yet, deep down in our hearts we remain students of filmmaking since there can never be truly a master of this art.

The Film Studio; Always entertaining. Responsibly.