The Business of Filmmaking

Yes, we are very passionate filmmakers – all of us. But we like to keep our feet on ground and be realistic. Making movies is a time consuming and expensive affair. While, big bucks have never been our sole motto behind making films, we realize that it wouldn't hurt if someone were willing to offer some help, in cash or kind.

The Film Studio extends a warm welcome to any person, group of people and/or organization(s) who share our vision of making meaningful films for children and would like to support us in our honest endeavors. Through our studious marketing and promotional activities, which may includes merchandise sales and special events, we can assure you that your support would reap rich dividends in form of publicity and exposure.

Although there could be innumerable ways you can extend your support, following are some of the ways we suggest:

  • Invest in one or more production(s),
  • Distribute one or more production(s) in a territory of your choice,
  • Become a sponsor (For e.g., lend us locations, props, or products which will be prominently showcase in the movie, etc.)
  • Offer advertising or PR services
  • Promote our productions on your website

As a matter of policy & practice, we consider no support "small". All your support is "big" and we commit to give you (if you permit) due credit in our productions.

For your convenience, we have listed different types of Patrons on the left-hand side. If you identify yourself with any one of these, please click on those links and consider what we have to offer. Otherwise, please feel free to drop in your interest email at or call us at +971 (4) 434-5895. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.