Are you the one?

Always dreamt of being cast in a film? Or, may be giving a background score? Or, even singing a number or two in a film? Would you like to see your name on the big screen? Do you have a knack for drama or music?

We are looking for you, if you answered an emphatic "yes" to any of the questions above. Irrespective of your ability to act, shape & size, nationality or ethnicity, we are looking for people who are willing to truly volunteer themselves for different roles and be part of a team that has resolved to make groundbreaking films for children.

Remember that being cast in a film or being selected to provide music is not just limited to acting or music composition. Filmmaking goes beyond; teamwork, collaboration, placing trust, managing projects, thinking positively, ideation, financial management, managing resources, thinking out-of-the-box, effective communication, paying (& earning) respect, appreciation, taking (& giving) criticism, and much more.

Links on your left-hand side are the casts we are currently looking for. Please click on them to see details and ascertain if you fit the bill. Should you choose to apply for any of the positions, please mention the position name in the subject line so that your email is routed to the relevant team member and your application is scrutinized without unreasonable delay.

We are going on a bear talent hunt …

IMPORTANT REQUEST: Please do not call our studio numbers to check the status of your application. If we are interested in calling you for auditions or hearing your music scores, we will call or email you.